23-The True Meaning




The True Meaning of Christian Baptism

According to Scripture, baptism is one of the most profound events that will ever take place in a person’s life. As a uniquely symbolic ceremony, baptism is full of deep spiritual meaning and marks a key turning point in the new believer’s life.

Unfortunately, mainstream Christianity’s view of water baptism fails to accurately represent the biblical teaching on the subject. Tainted by the traditions of men, this sacred ceremony has become a mere “religious experience.” Indeed, as with many doctrines of the Bible, men have misused and distorted the Scriptures in order to reflect their own viewpoints

Properly understood, baptism is much more than a public demonstration of one’s faith in Christ as personal Savior—for baptism expresses the believer’s fundamental covenant pledge necessary for the forgiveness of sin and the granting of the Holy Spirit of God. As such, it marks the beginning of a life-long personal relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ! Moreover, as this booklet will emphasize, baptism pictures the end of one’s ungodly, sinful way of living and the beginning of a new spiritual way of living.

If you are being called by God to become a true follower of Christ, you will in time desire to be baptized. Thus, it is absolutely essential to come to a correct understanding of this benchmark event. What exactly does baptism picture? How is it performed? How does one prepare for this crucial occasion? This booklet will answer these fundamental questions!