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 Dear student of the teachings of Christ:

One of the purposes of this website is to provide an electronic library for use in Biblical studies. Accordingly, we are compiling a comprehensive list of available sources to assist both beginning and advanced students of Scripture. Our latest step in this project is to completely redesign and enlarge the Links Page. The sites that will be linked to this page offer archaeological and documentary evidence to support our beliefs and verify our understanding of Biblical history and doctrine. We are grateful for the countless hours that went into the preparation and launching of these sites so that we may freely access these records of the past. You may now explore the initial offerings on our new Historical Reference Links page. This page is the first of many new offerings that will be posted under the headings of Biblical Archaeology Links, Biblical Textual Links, Calendar Links, Church of God Links, and Map Links. These pages will be made available as soon as they are complete. In the meantime, you may continue to access the site through this page.

One very important note: We look forward to receiving your suggestions for additional links to help expand our resources for Biblical study. We also request that you contact the webmaster directly if you have any questions regarding the present selection of links. Please address suggestions or questions to Contact the Webmaster.

Thank you.

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Steven Collins Books:

James George Frazer: The Golden Bough - A Study in Magic and Religion (Downloadable Books)

Online Research Encyclopedia The LoveToKnow Free Online Encyclopedia is based on what many consider to be the best encyclopedia ever written: the eleventh edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, first published in 1911.

Bible By Olive Tree - Many Bible Search Tools at Olive Tree Bible Software

The Israel Museum - Jerusalem. This site has a number of pictures of ancient Biblical sites.

POMPEI Virtual Tour - A Christian Perspective - This site has an extensive collection of photos of a New Testament era Roman city.

Pompeii | A Virtual Tour

Dove Songs By Barri Armitage. Please visit this web site for inspirational Christian music.


Notice: Links made to other websites should not be construed as an endorsement of all that is offered on these sites. Sites which offer excellent resources for study and research may also include materials that are contrary to the beliefs of the Christian Biblical Church of God. It is the individual's responsibility to exercise discernment when accessing these sites. The Christian Biblical Church of God is not responsible for the content of external websites to which this site is linked.