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Lyall Johnston—June 30, 2023

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Greetings to all of God's Family, in fact we're all God's children, wherever you happen to be at this time and whatever part of this earth, which belongs to God.

But we know that what we're told in many places in the Scripture that we have another God or another being who is claiming to be God. In fact, he is the 'god of this world,' but he is not a god, he's a counterfeit! And because he's a counterfeit, he's also running a very counterfeit type of business, which we know from Rev. 12:9. We turn there so frequently, but let's never forget who the 'god of this world' is and what he is doing.

We know that there has been war in heaven, we know that Jesus Christ was watching when the rebellion of Satan came to a head. Christ told the people of his day, 'I saw Satan fall from heaven.'

But we know Satan still has entrance to God's Throne, but that time is limited! He's there to accuse you and me.

Revelation 12:9 "And the great dragon was cast out, the ancient serpent who is called the Devil and Satan…"

We need to mark that well so there's no confusion. Jesus Christ labels him well through the angel that gave the message to John. John is writing what he was given.

"…who is called the Devil and Satan, who is deceiving the whole world…"

Now what's interesting here is that Satan has set up a facade. He operates through a system of smoke and mirrors.

What we see through our normal natural eyes is not really what's taking place, because mostly what we do not see are the depths of Satan, the work that he is doing under the surface, just simply through human eyes.

What is taking place right now around the world is a Babylonian religious system. Every religion, and we include Christianity, Romanism, which is: Catholicism and Protestantism, and every other religion is a manifestation in our day of what was taking place in Babylon back 4,000 years ago. That same religion is still functioning. What the world sees in this religion, they believe, calling itself Christian, is not Christianity. It's the ancient pagan Babylonian mysteries taking the name of Christ and calling their religion Christian, when in fact it is anything but.

This is what the world sees. God has called people out of this world. He has called us and He's given us a fresh set of eyes. Those eyes are His eyes. How do we describe the eyes God has given to us? We describe them through the very Word of God, the Bible: from Genesis to Revelation.

Those are the eyes that God has given to us so that we can see beneath the smoke and mirrors, beneath this facade which Satan has erected.

It's interesting, I was thinking about, Matt. 4, where Satan presented to Jesus all the kingdoms of this world and said, 'Look, if You will fall down and worship Me, this is all yours.

  • Jesus saw through the façade
  • He saw through the smoke and mirrors
  • He was not deceived

There was no way that He was going to bow down and worship Satan the devil, because He knew that His life and His blood the salvation of mankind rested! Not for one instance did Jesus depart from:

  • the Law of God
  • the Commandments of God
  • the Statutes of God
  • the Judgments of God
  • the Ordinances of God
  • the Precepts of God

All coming under the Law as they're explained through the commandments, the statutes, and judgments, and ordinances, and precepts.

He was obedient right down to the very last minor detail of the Law. The fact, He didn't just keep the Law by the letter of the Law. He carried them through His life, as we read in Isa. 42:21. He magnified the Law. He applied the Spirit to the Law. In fact, in ancient Israel the only ones who were able to understand that were those to whom God gave His Spirit:

  • David
  • Noah
  • Moses
  • Abraham

They were able to see this world through the eyes of God, because to them He spoke directly, and to many of them through visions, to help them to see.

They recorded all those visions for you and me today. What we have is far more than God actually revealed to them. They did not see the reality of:

  • the birth
  • the life
  • the ministry
  • the teachings
  • the death and the resurrection

of Jesus Christ, even though they wrote about it! We often see that in hindsight.

The rest, as far as the world is concerned, what they see is not the reality. There was only one faith, only one hope, and God has called us into that, not because of our own righteousness, but because of His will; His determination to call you, to choose you specifically!  

I suppose we used to use the term: by name, rank, and serial number. God knew you. As He said to one of the prophets, 'I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb.'

We go back to Gen. 1:26, and what it says is that God is creating man so that we could be created in His likeness, which we were, and in His image. In other words, we know that God in His glorious appearance, is just like us: He has a head, a torso, legs and arms, just like we do. We are the physical form of God. He created us after his likeness.

Now what he's doing, of course, is shaping our minds so that we begin to think like Him, and so we can walk like Him, so we can do everything as He has laid out for us. Why? So that we can be with him as His children. We are the children of God! It doesn't matter what age we are: the newest born baby belongs to God and is a son or daughter of God! They're given to us as human beings to nourish, to teach, to train, and to raise them in the manner that God has given, to teach them God's ways! We'll get to that a little later, what is happening to a lot of these children today.

Let's turn to a prophecy, and it's a very interesting subject. So let's turn back to the prophet Ezekiel

Ezekiel 9—we know that back in Ezek. 1 and forward from there, that Ezekiel was chosen by God to take these prophecies, these warnings and these judgments to the house of Israel. Here primarily we're talking about the northern tribes, with the (inaudible) tribe being Ephraim.

What we know from history is that Ephraim, because it was a little nation, went into all kinds of sins and abominations: idolatry, all sexual perversions and worshipping idols. They erected these two golden calves, or these two calves, and they became their gods.

God hated that! That's part of the story. As we know and as we understand now. If you have not read the book that we have, and I have the copy of it here, America and Britain, Two Nations That Changed the World, it's quite a title, isn't it? Two Nations That Changed the World, America and Britain, Their Biblical Origin and Prophetic Destiny.

Now if you've never read that book, or even if you have, it is probably time that we all read it again, because there is a message in that book that comes directly from the book of the prophecies of Ezekiel and the other prophets, specifically towards Ephraim first in this case, and Manasseh, because Ephraim was the chief nation. We know the prophecies of Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen. 48:16).

We know that Jacob, whom God called Israel. He gave Jacob a new name: Israel. In that chapter we find that Jacob took the two sons of Joseph as his own, and they became sons of Jacob, who was now called Israel, along with Reuben and Naphtali and Benjamin and Judah. He gave them his name. He called Ephraim and Manasseh Israel. Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh, we know—

  • if you've read the book
  • if you've read the prophecies
  • if you understand the prophecies

—exists today in what was once the British Empire, now just simply called the Commonwealth of Nations, that includes Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Those people from the northern tribes went into captivity and eventually filtered through from Syria right up through Asia Minor, which today is Turkey, and others up through the Caucasus—the Caucasian Mountains—right up and through to Europe, leaving benchmarks of who they were as they went.

A number of them ended up in Northwestern Europe, Scandinavia, France and Holland. But the Ephraimites—we can say here that they were the Manassehites—moved into the land of the United Kingdom or England, or Britain as we call it in our book.

From there, we know what happened, that those who were the Manassehites—because of the persecutions that were taking place in England—those who wanted to:

  • keep the Laws of God
  • keep the Sabbath
  • be religiously following the Laws of God

—then moved to the United States and became the nation we now know as America, probably the greatest and the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. Britain—after WWII and probably with the Suez Crisis in the 1950s—lost their power and they have really become subservient.

But these two nations were given the responsibility by God, primarily—

  • to take the warning message
  • to take the Laws of God
  • to take the teachings of the Word of God

—to the rest of the nations, but we have failed!

We see all through Ezek. 9 that God calls Ezekiel a son of man. He gives him these messages. He says, you take this to the house of Israel. Often times He also mentions Jerusalem.

But Jerusalem, because it was the capital of all the twelve tribes, can also at times refer to the whole twelve tribes of Israel, both to the house of Israel, the ten tribes in the north, and the house of Judah in the south, along with the Levites and some Benjamites. The division came after the problems that were after the death of Solomon between Jeroboam and Rehoboam. The twelve tribes became two nations.

Ezekiel 9:1: "And He [God] cried in my ears with a loud voice, saying, 'Let the executioners of the city draw near…'"

What we're finding here is a warning. They say, this is a message that Ezekiel never took to the house of Israel. Yet, God says, 'You take this message to Jerusalem. You take it to the house of Israel.' Ezekiel never did. Did he fail? No! Because the only prophecies that we really understand and know today for sure are the prophecies that God gives us through His Word!

It's a very serious prophecy in the book of Ezekiel. (inaudible) to the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, because we have failed God!

Here is also a message to those who are spiritual Israel. So, we can't read this and point the finger at those who belong to the physical house of Israel: America and Britain, along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We must be pointing the finger also at ourselves, because if we aren't following the Word of God. Then let's see what's going to happen to us, as well as to the nations in which we live.

"…'Let the executioners of the city draw near…'" (v 1). This is a prophecy about Jerusalem and the abominations and corruption that was taking place in Jerusalem!

It was great, and it is great today. Do we have any abominations? Do we have any corruptions in America? Britain? Canada? Australia? New Zealand? That children of God today who should be keeping:

  • His laws and commandments?
  • His statutes?
  • His judgments?
  • His ordinances?
  • His precepts?

In one sense, like the prophets and apostles, we shouldn't separate ourselves from them.

Remember Daniel—I believe it was Daniel—when he prayed and when Paul was praying, he prayed as part of his own people, desiring repentance. They didn't stand above their people, they stood with their people, crying out for them. This is a very serious message for us, something that we need to really consider.

Verse 1: "…'Let the executioners…'"  Here God is sending executioners into Jerusalem!

Think America! Think British Commonwealth! Is God going to be sending executioners into our nations? Some of us may live to see that! What can we do?

"... of the city draw near, even each with his destroying weapon in his hand.' And behold, six men came from the way of the Upper Gate which faces north, and each had his slaughter weapon in his hand…"  (vs 1-2).

Already prepared by God for the slaughter because of the sins of the people. Because:

  • they had turned their backs on Him
  • they had refused Him
  • they had rejected Him

"…And one man among them was clothed with linen, and a writer's inkhorn by his side. And they went in and stood beside the bronze altar…. [which would be in the temple area] …And the glory of the God of Israel had gone up from the cherubim..." (vs 2-3).

We read a lot about this in the beginning chapters of Ezekiel and other places where Ezekiel was given a visage, or vision, of the very Throne of God, which was being carried around by these four cherubim. That's made very plain in the book of Ezekiel.

Verse 3: "And the glory of the God of Israel had gone up from the cherubim, where it had been, to the threshold of the temple. And He called to the man clothed in linen, with the writer's inkhorn by his side."

Verse 4: "And the LORD said to him..." This is the man with the inkhorn!

I know that we've all heard this before, but let's think about it deeply and seriously.

 "...'Go through in the midst of the city, in the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark... [with his inkhorn] …on the foreheads of the men who are groaning and are mourning...'" (v 4).

The King James says 'sighing and crying,' The groaning and the mourning comes across, I believe, much more powerfully.

Why should they do this?

"...because of all the abominations that are done in her midst" (v 4).

So, where you and I live:

  • Do we have the eyes of God through the Scriptures to see the abominations that are taking place around us?
  • Has God stripped away the blindness so that we could not see this before?

In fact, there are many people today whom God has not called that can look and see. Because there is still this remnant of some values in the Word of God that they have received somewhere in their upbringing. They're fighting against the abominations, the corruptions.

  • Will they win? I don't believe so!
  • Will they make some headway? Perhaps!

But right now, much of this is really up in the air. We're waiting to see a lot of what's taking place, particularly in the United States and Britain, where these prophecies are focused.

"…because of all the abominations that are done in her midst" (v 14).

That is in the midst of Jerusalem where they were offering up their small children to the idols of the Canaanites and the pagan nations around them, passing them through fire, offering little babies, newborn babies, killing them!

God has something to say about that a little later, when we'll read in Ezekiel,

Verse 5: "And He said to those in my hearing, 'Go through the city after him… [the man with the unicorn] …and slaughter….'"

  • Is God telling these executioners to slaughter the inhabitants of Jerusalem?
  • Do you think God is going to give that same command today?
  • Do you think there's going to be a man with an inkhorn that's going to be doing this?

Remember that these prophecies were never fulfilled! Ezekiel was given these prophecies. They were given to him when he was in captivity by the River Chebar, as we read in Ezek. 1. Israel—the ten northern tribes—had gone into captivity 130 years beforehand. Ezekiel never went to Ephraim and Manasseh and the rest of the tribes. The church today—you & me—are responsible through our witness, through our obedience to the Laws of God. Learning to keep the laws and commandments of God in the Spirit of the Truth, in the magnified dimension of the Law, such as when Christ says that 'you shall not kill.'

He says, 'I'm telling you, if you even so much as hate your brother, you are a murderer.' He says if you were to commit adultery, if you were to look upon—male or female—and you had even the thought of adultery in your mind, you've basically committed that sin!

This is how Christ came and magnified the Law, but also with the works of righteousness God. has helped to magnify those. How does He do that? By giving His laws and commandments, which represents His love, into our minds and into our hearts!

As we obey those laws and commandments after the spirit of the Law, what is God doing? What is Christ doing? I just love this next phrase. He is actually inscribing His laws and commandments and all the rest into our hearts

  • Is that not God creating us in his likeness?
  • His character?
  • His mind?

as we study the Word!

This is a two-way system. God is not just going to do this if we just sit back on our knees and say, 'God, here I am, I'm Yours, You know, do what You must do.' It's not going to work that way! We must be studying the Word of God. We must be praying and asking God to show us:

  • His ways
  • His laws
  • His commandments

as they apply in the Spirit of the Law, not just the letter, but the Spirit of the Law! As we do that, as we pray…

May I add here, we ask God to give us a spirit of mourning and groaning at the abominations because that is the heart of God!

Do we not think that God Himself right now when He looks down on the Ephraim and Manasseh—Britain and America and all those who are part of that and the other tribes as well—is not groaning and mourning, saying, .

Why, O Israel, will you die? I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but I do take pleasure in the wicked when they repent.

For us, because we've been called, that's an ongoing journey; that's an ongoing way!

  • as we do these things
  • as we join with God in His work within us
  • as we submit to His laws and commandments

that's how and that's when He writes or gives then inscribes:

  • His laws and commandments
  • His way
  • His thinking
  • His way of life

into our minds and hearts deeper and deeper!

Don't we want God's mind, God's thoughts and God's ways inscribed so deeply in our mind and our heart that we will be like Christ? That we may come close to where Christ was when He said that 'the ruler of this world (Satan) is coming, but he has not got one single thing in Me!'

  • that's our goal
  • that's what we're striving for

So, I said I might have other foreheads on the men who are groaning and mourning.

Do you think that you have that mark on your forehead? When you see what's taking place in the nation, specifically of Ephraim and Manasseh—Britain and America today—are you 'groaning and mourning'? If you are, then you are blessed by God because you have that mark on your head!

Verse 5: "And He said to those in my hearing, 'Go through the city after him, and slaughter…. [this is God the Father speaking through Christ to Ezekiel] …Let not your eye spare, nor have pity.'"

In fact, the sins were so great that when the leaders went before God to ask of Him His will, ask of Him input, and He said, 'I'm not going to listen to them! I'm not going to hear them!'

So what we can do by the groaning and the mourning, along with other aspects that God shows us that we have that mark on our foreheads, that is a sign of protection as we go on to see here.

Verse 6: "Fully destroy old men, young men and virgins…[This is Christ speaking as He was, as the LORD God of Israel] …and little children… [Why little children?] …and women. But do not come near any man on whom is the mark…. [that includes male and female. Do you have that mark? Not the mark of the beast, but the mark of the man sent by God with the inkhorn to put that mark on your head for protection! That's a serious issue, isn't it?

"'…And begin at My sanctuary.' And they began with the old men who were before the temple. And He said to them, 'Defile the temple…'" (vs 6-7).

This is how low, this is how corrupt the religious system that God had set up had become. Men were cohabiting with the temple prostitutes; the history of the house of Israel and Judah.

"'…and fill the courts with the slain. Go out!' And they went out and slaughtered in the city. And it came to pass as they were slaying them, and I was left alone, then I fell on my face and cried…" (vs 7-8).

I believe that Ezekiel was groaning and mourning for the abominations, and what judgment God was passing on them because of that. It is clear here that Ezekiel had a feeling for his people, even though he was seeing this in vision and God was telling him these things.

Verse 8: "And it came to pass as they were slaying them, and I was left alone, then I fell on my face and cried, and said, 'Ah, Lord GOD! Will You destroy all the remnant of Israel in Your pouring out of Your fury on Jerusalem?'"

Yes, God is going to pour out His fury, not just on Jerusalem, as we read in other places. He's going to be pouring out His fury on the modern day descendants of Israel!

Just name them again, Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and wherever they're scattered around the world. They used to say of the British Empire: the sun never set on the British Empire because God had so blessed them with so many countries that came under the rule of the powerful British forces!

In fact, Britain could send off all its troops to some other part of the world way back in the beginning of the empire with the sure knowledge that their land would never, ever be invaded. Why? Because the British Navy at that time was so powerful and so strong! You know the song; they sing this in the last night of the (inaudible) in the Royal Albert Hall. How the Britain never, ever will be slaves. That song was sung with great gusto. Britain and America and Israel are going into captivity and we and our peoples are going to become slaves again! That is those that survive the sword, the famine, the pestilence.

"…'Ah, Lord GOD! Will You destroy all the remnant of Israel in Your pouring out of Your fury on Jerusalem?' And He said to me, 'The iniquity of the house of Israel…'" (vs 8-9).

It started off by Jerusalem, but now He's showing it really applies to Israel. It's us today that live in the territory of those lands.

Verse 9: "And He said to me, 'The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great, and the land is full of blood, and the city is full of perversity. For they say, "The LORD has forsaken the land; and, the LORD does not see."'" Oh, yes He does!!

Read Jeremiah 23:23 where God says that there's no way that anyone can run away and hide from God because He inhabits eternity.

He inhabits the universe. He inhabits all things. Although He is in one place on His Throne, His mind is just so… What word can we use about the mind of God? Language fails us to explain:

  • His glory
  • His power
  • His dominion

over all things!

Psalm 8:1—David said: "…You have set Your glory above the heavens!"

That means God's glory is way above the entirety of the universe, which He created! We can't comprehend that at this time, can we? But one day we will know that we need to be faithful.

Ezekiel 9:9: "And He said to me, 'The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great, and the land is full of blood, and the city is full of perversity. For they say, "The LORD has forsaken the land; and, the LORD does not see." And even I, My eye shall not spare, nor will I have pity, but I will recompense their way upon their head.'" (vs 9-10).

Here's a message for us. Whatever sin that we have, unless we repent of it, we will reap a penalty based on the degree and the level of that sin.

That's how God judges us! He judges us on His actions and He rewards us according to our sin. The old statement: 'the punishment fits the crime.' We bring that penalty upon ourselves. Hence the need to be praying every day:

Father, forgive us for our sins. Forgive us for our trespasses. Forgive us for our debts against You. If I have anything within me that I can't see, please use the sword of Your Spirit—which is Jesus Christ and the Word of God—to get right and cut right down to the very marrow of my bone.

Isn't that interesting that because the marrow of the bone is where the blood is produced. What is it that's in the blood? The breath of life! So this is saying:

Father, help us to come down to the very center of our being to know whatever, anything that is in me that does not follow the example that You've given to us in Jesus Christ. Those things that I know, I need your help. I have no confidence in the flesh, but I have confidence in Your Word. I have confidence in Your Spirit. That means, Father, I have confidence in You and I have confidence in the precious blood of Jesus Christ that You'll cleanse me and keep me perfect every day in Your perfection, in your love. But then I will need to come before You again tomorrow for exactly the same things to see how I did the day before and am I making progress?

I'd like to cover some things about the sins of Britain. What were the great sins of Britain, along with everything else? I'll just mention one: Their trust in their money!

If you read the book of Hosea, you'll see how God—maybe I'll just use the vernacular—really slam-dunks Ephraim, Britain, and the Commonwealth of Nations for the sin, pride and vanity. In places it talks about 'the drunkens of Ephraim.' They're sick from the head to the foot!

Criticism of the kings, how the kings are happy with the lying, cheating and stealing the corruption of those other leaders in the country. It's interesting that recently we saw the king, with the death of his mother, crowned in Westminster Abbey. That king made a vow that he would uphold the religion of Protestantism. Is that what God wants from the king of England today? Or does God want him, because of the position that he has of influence… What if he were to become like a Hezekiah or Josiah and cleanse the temple? In other words, Westminster Abbey, maybe just wreck the whole building! And go through the whole city of London and every city in the United States and encourage this around the world and the rest of Ephraim to destroy all of the temples that have been erected on every street corner and on every high hill where they're worshipping Satan the devil—called Catholicism, called Protestantism, called Christianity. It's not the Christianity of God!

The king of England, it's very interesting to see, if a message reached him from God the Father through God's Word, that:

  • he needs to repent
  • he needs to turn aside from this Sunday worship
  • he needs to turn aside from Easter and Christmas.

that he needs himself to begin

  • to keep the Sabbath Day of God
  • to keep the Holy Says of God
  • to discard the worship of Satan through the Easter ceremony
  • declare the Passover
  • declare a fast throughout the whole nation

because of the terrible things that have taken place, and the same in the United States!

Let's see one of the main problems, I'm just going to mention one here, for Britain has been their financial system where they have gained the power. In 1815, Mayor Rothschild made his famous statement:

Is a man of God or not? or Is this a type of a man of sin? "I care not what puppet is placed…" in other words what king, or for Britain what Prime Minister, for the United States what President, or who becomes members of Senate or Congress.

(actual quote) In 1815, Nathan Mayer Rothschild controlled the Bank of England and boldly declared:


"I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."

  • Why do you think God's judgment is going to be on a man like that?
  • Has this man, a Jew, ever worshipped God? No! He worshipped the pound sterling or whatever it was in the 19th century, 1815 when this statement was made!

When we look at the corruption as a result of the financial policies in the United Kingdom today, the same perversities are taking place in the United States. One of those terrible things, of course, is what's happening with the children.

The United States today is one of those great, awesome, horrifying pictures of what is happening to the children. Maybe this is why God says back in Jerusalem even to slaughter the children because of what they faced. They faced potential of being burned to death in the sacrifice to Satan through the various gods that they were worshipping in Israel the same gods or a manifestation of the same god—Satan—in the land at that time.

In the United States there's a major problem we know with the border problem. One of the big problems that I'm sure we need to be groaning and mourning over is the child sex slave. In one of the more conservative programs called Redactor, an interview with Mel Gibson who was releasing on the 4th of July a series of four program—Sound of Freedom—and as it's stated, expect to hear Mel Gibson being criticized, condemned, and all his evils of the past being mentioned. Because, again, those who are involved in this child sex trafficking do not want this message going out. Here's a quote: 'the CIA is heavily involved in child sex trafficking along with government officials.'

Did you catch that? The CIA is heavily involved in child sex trafficking along with government officials, law enforcement, politicians, elites, churches, and child services!

How frequently do you hear about religious organizations taking care of these orphans or these poor children? It's coming up constantly about the sexual abuse. It is a multi-billion dollar business, soon to surpass the illegal drug trade!

Every year, 8-million children are trafficked. 8-million children! In the United States alone, 800,000 children nearly go missing. I've heard comments, 'Well you know a lot of those come back."

Oh, do they? What about the children that have been bred and harvested that have no birth certificates? This is happening in the United States! Children being bred to be sold to the child sex trafficking.

  • some of them will end up as child prostitutes
  • some will be butchered and slaughtered and their blood drunk in order to worship Satan

These people get the blessings and the enrichment from Satan the devil! You don't believe that? Do a little research!, Do a little reading!.

Forget about mainstream media, they're not going to tell you.

  • In the United States alone, 800,000 children yearly go missing
  • In the United Kingdom that number is 230,000 children
  • In Germany it is 100,000 yearly
  • In Canada it is 500,000 missing children every year

and the numbers are going up! These children and babies are being imported into the United States through the southern border. Babies!

I have another quote. There's an organization called, if I can explain that, there are some people who are fighting against this. I've seen one but, you know, what can they do? Here's a little clip I saw recently with this group of people, gay people, because we have the gays and we have the pedophiles.

Now pedophiles may be gays but not all gays are pedophiles and they're pushing back against the pedophiles because they don't want to be involved in the deaths of these children, these infants.

Here it is, this group of people were chanting, I don't know how old this was, but this is what they were saying:

We are here, we are queer, and we are coming after your children.

In Ezekiel, God says:

These are My children! You have had My children and now you're butchering them, you're slaughtering them.' I'm going to hold you in account, you're bringing judgment upon your own heads.

Some of these people, we talk about the incorrigible wicked, you wonder, will they be able to be rescued or have they gone beyond that point of no return? I think many have!

We know the beast and the false prophet are going into the Lake of Fire. We know all those who refuse and reject God… We've got people in the world today we can see they are so against God and Christ and Christianity, you just have to ask the question: Have they gone to the point of no return, where there's nothing that can bring them back!

The Scripture talks about this, the incorrigible wicked! Part of our job, part of our calling as the saints of God, as the children of God, is:

  • to be concerned about this
  • to be groaning and mourning at what's taking place

If we want that mark placed on by a nearby God's servant, whoever those servants are, human beings or angelic beings, we don't know.

In God's eyes this is far greater than the political and geopolitical corruption that is going on right to the very head of our governments: Ephraim/Britain, Manasseh/America, our nations, and let's add in there Canada, Australia, New Zealand, they're sick to the very head!

These things are taking place and are becoming open more and more. In one particular. This came from a meeting of a group that are fighting against the child sex slavery. This just one title that just shows a photograph of some of the people in this international court, which has no power, no authority, they're just trying to make the world aware, like Mel Gibson and Jim Kerbysel, is it? And others are trying to make the people aware of this.

They'll have a little success, but they're not going to really be able to overcome the vastness of this problem. It just has a title here: Adrenalized Blood is Adrenochrome. That is the torturing of children so that the blood then produces the Adrenochrome.

There are some that say, well, this is false, this is a lie, this doesn't happen. But the torturing of children and drinking their blood…. One man in this court who had been in the CIA and working undercover in some of these cells that these children were being sold as sex slaves. The problem here is those children who have no record, no birth certificate of who they are, where they come from. They're being produced illegally, and they use the term 'harvesting.' They also use the term 'they have an end of use date,' they have an expiry date.

This one man who was a CIA agent, now obviously working in an international court system, the question was asked: What is the expected life of these children? He said, 'As a rule of thumb, these children, these babies, these teenagers are so abused that after two years, they have an expiry date. They're either sacrificed, or they're just killed.'

He said some may go on longer, but he said, 'As a rule of thumb, the expected life expectancy, their expiry date, is two years, and these children are being harvested. Are we able to be those who groan and mourn as God identifies those who are His, those who are concerned about this?

What does it say in Isaiah 58:1? "Cry aloud, do not spare…"

As part of the Church of the Living God, we have a responsibility to be praying that the message of repentance and salvation.

Read Ezek. 33, where God says that even those who are sinning and facing extinction, IF they repent, THEN God will wipe away their sins. But for the righteous man that sins, he's going to die if he moves from his righteousness.

The good news at the end of all this is that God shows that how He's eventually going to bring an end to all this. He's going to bring repentance. The one message that we maybe can learn from, and the one that I love, and that's in the book of Ezekiel. Time and time again, God is speaking to Ezekiel as a man.

I did a quick check. There are 39 places in the Bible where you can read the term: they shall know that I am the Lord! Most of those occur in the book of Ezekiel. There are other statements such as, 'you shall know that I am the Lord.'

So, the way God is presenting this to us, these horrible events, these shocking events—and if you're shocked, that's fine, because God wants to shock us—He wants us to know what the depths of Satan are. He does not want us to experience them. But it's coming to be presented before us more and more day-by-day. Brothers and sisters in Christ:

  • let's pray
  • let's cry out to God, as God says in Ezek. 9
  • let us be the ones that are groaning and moaning for all of the abominations that have taken place in our land
  • let us be praying daily, 'Father, Your Kingdom come when You are going to restore all lives and all those little infants that have been slaughtered and butchered.

This is why God takes this so seriously!

Ezekiel 16:20: "And you have taken your sons and your daughters, whom you have borne to Me… [this is God/Christ speaking]: … and you sacrificed them unto these images…"

Is this not what we see taking place with the child sex trade and trafficking today? There's big money! There's $28-billion revenue annually. All the airlines in the world every year only have a revenue of $22-billion! Yes, child sex trafficking. There's $38-billion and it is growing.

  • Do we need to be crying?
  • Do we need to be mourning?

"…and you sacrificed them unto these images to be devoured. Is this, your whoredoms so small a matter?…. [God asks] …You have slaughtered My children and delivered them up and caused them to pass throughthe fire" (vs 20-21).

God has written all this down because eventually Christ is coming, He's returning and He is going to take action against all these people, whether they're alive or not. He's bringing them up in a resurrection and He's going to pass judgment on them and He's going to sentence them to the Lake of Fire.

For all those babies that have been butchered, slaughtered and abused, they're coming up in the White Throne Judgment. They will be cared for. They will be nurtured. Can you imagine the love of God Who has been groaning and mourning over these children? How much love He is going to shed on these children? and the love that we will be able to shed on these children?

So that's a little bit of what it means about the man with the inkhorn! We want that mark on our forehead!

We want to be there with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of God where we will be working with Him and under Him to set all things right.

Once Jesus has completed that plan that He said He's going to take everything that he has accomplished and deliver that up to the Father so that the Father can be all in all. You can't even begin to imagine the glory that that is going to present for us!

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